Motivate employees
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An unlimited assistant for your employees, eliminate their
stressors in these difficult times, so they can be at their best.

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Years Experience

B9host operates the

World's Best Assistant

for consumers

In addition to b9host for Business, b9host also helps busy individuals get anything they need done, 24/7. Business customers get a discount on our consumer products, for your employees to use


What B9host can do for your employees

We can do any work that doesn’t require highly specialized knowledge.
Some examples include

Expenses & Invoices
Expenses & Invoices
Scheduling & Reminders
Data Entry
Shopping & Supplies
CRM Management
Internal Support

...and anything else!

How B9host, as an HR benefit, works

As you've come to expect, it's as simple as asking — and we handle the rest

1. Employees ask b9host for Help

Employees can use B9host's flagship consumer app to request for anything - groceries, reservations, car rentals, travel, general assistance with anything of a personal nature. On the Basic plan, employees can access B9host via the mobile apps. On the Plus plan, employees can access b9host via SMS, phone call, Alexa, and soon Chrome extension.

2. We Get to Work

Whatever the request, b9host will get to work instantly and update your employees as soon as we have an update on your request

3. Your Employees are Happy, and Save Time!

Your employees stressors are taken care of, and they can spend more time being happy, and in many instances, handle their after-hours personal matters with an app, instead of leaving early.


Why B9host HR Benefits are Right for You

Made for businesses of all size and types - b9host can help your team

Free Your Team

They won't have to deal with errands like groceries, drycleaning, reservations, etc. We'll take care of it.

Get More Done

b9host will take care of their needs so they don't have to leave early to run personal errands

See Better Results

With your employees unburdened they'll be able to focus on doing what they were hired to do

"I felt like I could tackle anything with b9host"

Running my 9 person engineering team was a nightmare before b9host- I used to be in the office dealing with customer support issues and keeping my team informed - but ever since I gave the reins to b9host, my customer support is handled, my employees are informed of what needs to be done - and I can go home by 6pm feeling at ease.
Rachel J. CEO, Wind Tech Delaware


Bill Yearly & Get 2 Month Free


  • Unlimited Requests
  • Available 24/7
  • Predictive Reminders
  • Private Wing Vault
  • Habits
  • Send Requests via SMS, Call, Alexa, Chrome
  • Welcome Gift Box


  • Unlimited Requests
  • Available 24/7
  • Predictive Reminders
  • Private Wing Vault
  • Habits
  • Send Requests via SMS, Call, Alexa, Chrome
  • Welcome Gift Box

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To spend on anything! For businesses that start this week: Get $200 in purchasing credit applied to your account – you can use this to buy anything through b9host